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I Finally got around to it!

A lot has happened since I last updated my site. In fact, its almost as if my old life went out with my old website. I've decided to combine all my sites on the web into one and move them to a permanent home. So, without further delay........*insert drumroll*...... Here's the new, and hopefully improved, web site.

I am still a fan of the television show, Forever Knight, in fact I've been a fan of vampire fiction since the days when Dark Shadows was originally aired on television.

Several years ago, I wanted to design a website, but couldn't decide what to put up. There were already so many great Forever Knight pages on the web. Besides the obvious self-serving homepage, what could I contribute to FK fandom that wasn't already there?

As I watched the show I found myself going to the encyclopedia (and later the internet) to find out more about the historic personages, places, or events in the flashbacks. Or I would look up more information on some of the other things mentioned by the characters on the show. (medical conditions, myths, etc.)

I thought that surely there must be others out there, like me, who wanted more information. So I decided to put together a page that links these things with places on the internet to find more information.
Most of these links pertain to the flashbacks, but some are just for fun, or are about the references to persons or events made by the characters during the show.

You'll find a link at the top of this page.

I have also written some fan fiction using characters from Forever Knight. I didn't hurt them in the process of using them, I assure you. They were all returned in good condition. You can find a link to my Fan fiction at the top of this page as well.

There's also a link to some Art work I've done using Bryce 5 and Poser 5, if you're interested, and if you follow the Personal link, you'll find out a bit more about me.



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Forever Knight contains a lot of historical flashbacks, and that appealed to me because I was a history major in college.

In fact, in March of 1997, I presented my senior history thesis before
the Midwest regional meeting of Phi Alpha Theta (the International History Honors society) entitled "Talleyrand and the Congress of Vienna"

This thesis essay was, at one time, found on the web at "Les Amis de Talleyrand"- The Association of the Friends of Talleyrand- founded in 1998 in France,with a goal to better make known the life and the action of Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, one of the most famous diplomats than France ever knew. It has recently been removed and I was not informed when or why this was done.

However, reference is still made to this essay in L'Encyclopédie de L'Agora, World History at KMLA (Korean Minjok Leadership Academy), and Worldroots.com.

Read my thesis >>


In Memory of lost friends

Kathrin and Barb Hachmeister