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My fan fiction

©NiteRose 1998-2006

I wrote this story based on a fantasy that came to me during a thunderstorm. ENJOY. :-)

The character of Lucien LaCroix, as much as I might wish, does not belong to me. He is the property of TPTB from Forever Knight.

The character of Rose, however, is mine. I created her out of my own fertile imagination. Any resemblance to any NA member, is purely coincidental. ;-) A special thanks to Heather Markle for being my beta reader.

Warning: This story contains adult material. If you are under 18 or offended by such material, please, do not read any further.

A Night to Remember
by NiteRose (Rosemary Beard)

" Damn", Rose muttered to herself. "You would pick now to breakdown wouldn't you. You stupid car. I should have gotten a new one a long time ago!"

She turned the key again and again, but nothing, the car refused to start. Opening the door, she climbed out and looked around. The road was deserted. There was nothing for miles. Rose could see dark clouds beginning to gather on the horizon. The wind was gaining in strength and there was the smell of rain in the air. She looked at her watch, " Great, just great. I was supposed to meet Lucien at the Raven an hour ago. And now I'm stranded in the middle of nowhere with a storm coming."

Rose reached inside the car and retrieved her purse and keys. Jamming her hands into the pockets of her coat, she began walking up the road in search of help. Lightning flashed in the sky just ahead of her, highlighting the silhouette of a large house. Rain began falling as she quickened her step, moving steadily toward the house. "I hope they have a phone." she said, " then at least I can call a cab."

Lightning flashed across the sky followed by a the deafening roll of thunder. Rose started, alarmed by the sound. The rain was falling harder now. If she didn't hurry, she would be soaked to the skin. Pulling her coat over her head, she ran towards the house. She climbed the stairs and stood on the porch. Another flash of lightning darted across the sky, with thunder following close behind. She turned and looked at the door. Reaching for the knocker, she realized that the front door was ajar. She could hear a shutter on the side of the house, banging in the wind.

Cautiously she reached for the knob and peered in around the door."Hello", she called, "Anyone home?"
There was no answer and Rose cautiously entered the house. Looking around, she realized that it was empty. All the furniture was covered by sheets, and a thick layer of dust was everywhere. "If there is a phone", she thought sadly, "It probably isn't connected."

Slowly she walked across the room and sank into a chair. Then she began surveying the damage. Her dress and coat were soaked. "I'll just have to wait out the storm here." she said wearily. Rose stood up and removed her wet coat. Looking around the room she noticed a fireplace. Immediatley she began searching for anything she might use to start a fire. Rose managed to find a few old newspapers tucked away in a box and walked to the fireplace.

To her amazement she saw a fire had already been laid, and on the mantlepiece was a box of matches. Soon she had the fire lit and was standing in front of it trying to warm herself. Rose looked around. In the firelight this room appeared to be inhabited by ghosts from the distant past. The furnishings, visible now in the light, were Victorian, large and ornate.

Rose began to shiver and realized that she needed to find something dry to put on while her own clothes dried. Rose walked over to one of the chairs and picked up the sheet that covered it. "This isn't the most beautiful dress I've ever worn, but it'll have to do." she said, shaking out the dust.
She stripped off her wet clothing and hung them over a chair next to the fire. Shivering, she wraped the sheet around her. Rose settled herself in front of the fire and set about drying her hair. When it was dry, she stood up and walked to the couch. The room was warming quickly because of the fire. Outside the storm was still raging.

Rose sat there, clutching a cushion from the couch tightly to her chest, staring at the windows with large frightened eyes. How she wished Lucien were here, he had a way of making her forget things that made her unhappy. She sat back and closed her eyes. Soon she drifted into a restless sleep.
"Soit tranquile", a voice said, " do not fear, I will protect you."

Rose's eyes flew open, it was Lucien's voice. She sat up and looked around. The room was dark, and the fire had burned itself low. She saw no one, yet she was sure she had heard his voice. A noise from the floor above startled her and she clutched the sheet tighter around her body. She stood up and reached for a candle. She heard a second noise from upstairs.

"It's probably just a loose shutter, blown by the storm." she tried to convince herself.
Rose lit the candle and walked to the staircase. It was quiet now. Slowly she climbed the stairs. When she reached the top stair, she noticed light coming from one of the rooms. Cautiously she knocked on the door. "Hello. Is someone there?" she called. The door slowly opened. "I, uh, I'm sorry to intrude, but I got caught in the storm, and I, uh," she stammered.

Rose walked slowly into the room. There was no one there. The room was lit by candles, and a fire burned brightly. In the center of the room stood a large, old fashioned bed. It looked as if someone was preparing for sleep. The blankets were turned down and a bedspread had been tossed casually across the foot of the bed. Rose reached out and touched the bed, trying to convince herself that she was still dreaming. As she reached out a white rose landed on top of the comforter. Turning, she saw a figure standing in the corner, smiling at her.

"Lucien!" she shreiked, "what are you doing here?"
Lucien smiled. "My compliments to your designer, my dear. That style is quite flattering."
Rose felt her self blush under his scrutiny. Instinctively she pulled the sheet closer about her.
"Welcome to my house." he said, motioning toward the bed, "I hope you enjoy your stay."
"Y- your house?" she stuttered, "but I thought you lived at the Raven."
" I do, but I own this house and a good many others."

Rose stood looking at him, puzzled. "The bed, h-how did you know I would be here?"
"I arranged it. It was no accident that your car broke down where it did. I have 'acquaintances' shall we say, who can arrange such things. The storm was an added bonus." Lucien moved closer to Rose, his eyes taking in her appearance. The sheet loosely draped around her naked body, her dark hair hanging loosely around her shoulders and her large, brown eyes, warm in the firelight.

" My, my clothes are downstairs drying by the fire. I had nothing dry to wear, so I wrapped this sheet around me." she said, trying to remain calm, " they should be dry, I'll just go down and check on them."
Rose turned and started for the door. In the blink of an eye, Lucien had placed himself between her and the door.
"Look at me." he commanded. Rose lifted her eyes to meet his. "Are you afraid of me?" he asked, taking her by the hand.
"No," she told him. It wasn't him she was afraid of, she was afraid of what she felt when they were together.
Smiling, he drew her into his arms. "Maybe, you should be." he whispered. Pulling her close to him, he buried his face in her hair. "I want you," he said, his voice deep with passion.
She tipped her head back and looked into his eyes. "Oh Lucien, I want you too."

Her voice was heavy with desire. Rose reached up and put her arms around his neck "Make love to me." she pleaded, her voice barely audible.
This movement caused the sheet to fall to the floor. Lucien began to trace the line of her jaw slowly with his tongue. His lips pressed against hers, his tongue forcing open her mouth. She clung to him, moaning softly as his hands moved over her naked body. Rose took her arms from around his neck and reached out to unbuttoned his shirt.

Her hands explored the feel of his bare chest. She heard him catch his breath as her hands moved lower, and she began to unfasten his pants, pushing them downward. She ran her hand gently over his growing erection that seemed to harden even more with her touch.

Quickly they removed the rest of his clothing. The candlelight cast wavering shadows over the two naked lovers as the storm raged outside. Drawing her once again to him, he lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed. He laid her gently on the bed and lowered himself beside her. Again he kissed her. His tongue feverishly explored her mouth. Slowly he released her from his kiss, and began trailing kisses up and down her neck, stopping only to nibble on her ear. His one hand cradled her head as the other explored the feel of her flesh.

" Exquisite," he whispered as he cupped her breast in his hand, lightly rubbing the nipple with his thumb.
"Lucien," she moaned softly.
He raised his head and looked into her eyes. His need for her reflected in her eyes. Lowering his head , he captured her nipple with his mouth. She gasped in delight as he suckled her, nipping lightly and moving his tongue in circular motion around the hardened nipple. Rose reached down and placed her hands on either side of his head, pressing him into her flesh. Lucien smiled at her response. Slowly he moved his hand down her belly until it rested between her legs. He felt her arch her back in response.

" Please," she said breathlessly.
Lucien found himself lost in the passion he had created in her. He could smell her desire. He heard her heartbeat as it raced wildly. He smelled the fire in her blood. Suddenly he stiffened, he could feel the vampire coming to life within him. Soon he would be able to control it no longer. Abruptly he sat up and looked at his lover. " My precious Rose." he whispered."There is something you need to know,a choice that you must make."

Rose looked up into his eyes. They were somehow different, troubled. " What is it? What have I done?", she asked.
Lucien turned away. " I am not what you think", he said, "I am not.. a mortal."
Rose lay frozen for a moment. "not ...a...mortal." she repeated. Slowly she sat up on the bed. What did he mean "not a mortal?" She reached down and picked up a blanket, wrapping it loosely about her." Lucien ?"
Slowly he turned and faced her. His eyes glowed golden in the candlelight. " This is what I am," he said, baring his fangs. " I can go no further. You must choose, life as a mortal or this."

Rose looked at him. Her desire for him had not waned. All she felt was love for this man. " Lucien," she said slowly, holding her arms out to him. "I choose you."
In an instant he was once again beside her. Growling, as much with desire as hunger for her, he began to kiss her neck once more. Rose felt herself being lifted into his lap. She moaned in pleasure as he entered her. Rose wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him deeper inside her. Moving up and down on his hardened member, she could feel her climax building. Lucien, now fully enflamed with desire and his lust for blood, quickened his movement, pumping harder and faster into her. Rose exploded with a release unlike any she had know before.

Throwing her head back and exposing her long neck to him, she gasped, " Lucien, I want to be yours. Make me what you are."
Lucien growled, baring his fangs. His eyes burned with a golden light as he sank his fangs deeply into the throbbing vein in her neck. Rose gasped as she felt the blood flowing from her. Waves of pleasure filled her, even as the vampire's hunger was filled. She began to rock back and forth on his hardened shaft, wanting her last human act to be for his pleasure. He could feel his own climax nearing. Drinking deeper of her blood, he too exploded in a release of passion and bloodlust. Even as he pumped his seed into her,he drew from her what he needed to sustain his life.

* * * *

Rose opened her eyes. Slowly she sat up and looked around her . It was dark , yet she could see everything clearly. She thought back on the events of the previous night. Was it a dream? Had she and Lucien become lovers at last? Rose heard a sound beside her. Lying in bed next to her was the answer to her question.

Lucien turned and smiled at her. Rising from the bed, he quickly dressed. Instantly he stood beside her.
"Come," he said, holding his hand out to her. "You have much to learn. The time of your first feed is upon us and we must find you food."
Rose could feel the bloodlust rising in her. Taking his hand, she allowed herself to be led from the room. After she had dressed, they walked out into the night.
"I'm sure," said her lover, "that this will be a night you will always remember."



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