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Dark Knight

  • Mayan Culture
  • Mayan Rituals: Human Sacrifice
  • Mayan Rituals: Bloodletting
  • Mayan Culture :This is a presentation from the University of Guadalajara
  • General Information About The Maya: includes a Mayan Timeline of the Pre-Classic, Classic and Post-Classic periods.
  • Mayan Adventures: This page is done by the Science Museum of Minnesota and contains lots of information about Mayan culture and art.

    For I have sinned

  • Joan Of Arc This link is to the Medieval Source book. Its a lesson taught by Johan Nider, who according to rumor, was an inquisitor at Joan's trial.
  • International Joan of Arc Society    The International Joan of Arc Society / Société Internationale de l'étude de Jeanne d'Arc is a WWW repository of scholarly and pedagogic information about Joan of Arc collected by faculty, independent scholars, and students.
  • Treatment of Heretics in the Middle Ages This is a small example of the treatment of a heretic at the hands of an inquisitor.
  • Joan Of Arc Archive The Joan of Arc Archive is a large online collection of some 500 pages of information concerning Joan of Arc [Jehanne d'Arc or Darc in medieval French]; including biographies, trial excerpts and commentary, letters and other such documents. English translations and transcriptions of the original languages are provided.
  • Church Knights; The Genesis A history of the church's attempt to hunt vampires, witches,etc.

    Last Act

  • Anomalies: Spontaneous Human combustion this site contains a rather detailed study of this phenomenon. A interesting site and is a good read.
  • Spontaneous Human Combustion this site contains unexplained instances of spontaneous human combustion
  • Spontaneous Human Combustion This site is done by the Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
  • ZetaTalk: Spontaneous Human Combustion
  • Don's Favorite food. Just for fun. This site contains a recipe for Souvlakia.
  • The Mainmeal.com.au - Souvlaki Another Souvlaki recipe just for fun.This site includes a picture of the finished dish.

  • Dance by the light of the Moon


  • The History of Knighthood
  • Chivalric Orders of Knighthood
  • Medieval Crusades
  • Internet Medieval Sourcebook : The Crusades
  • The Crusades: This site contains an Arab account of the Crusade of St.Louis. (1238)
  • The Vampire: His Kith and Kin "The Philosophy of Vampirism": A detailed study in vampires written in 1928 by an eccentric priest named Montague Summers.
  • Vampires: Different countries have their own types and myths about vampires. This site includes Slavic, Romanian, and Indian myths associated with Gypsies and bats.
  • Vampire Origins: Monstrous.com examines four different points of views : scientific, historical, psychological and religious.

    Dying to Know you

  • Professionals Against Confidence Crime Psychics and Police investigations
  • Police Psychics: Do They Really Help Solve Crimes?
  • Psychics and the Police
  • Psychics and Serial Murder
  • Puritans and Pilgrims
  • Colonial America Resources: This site was originally designed for kids, but has a lot of good links to info.
  • Reincarnation and Past Lives
  • Reincarnation; Its many aspects

    False Witness

  • Musical Epochs :The Romantic
  • The Romantic Period This site gives a list of Romantic period composers, links you to thier biographies and gives you a list of some of their works
  • Music in the Romantic Period: 1800-1850 If you have Real Audio, this site will allow you to listen to a few pieces composed during the Romantic period.
  • Marquis de Sade This is an eLibrary site run by supervert.com. It contains the text of several works by de Sade.
    WARNING:This site is NOT intended for minors, and may contain objectional materials.
  • Marquis de Sade (1740-1814) this site contains a short bio and a list of his works

    Cherry Blossoms

  • Chinese Tongs in Chicago's Chinatown This is about the Chinese "Mafia" called Tongs or Triads.
  • Partners in Crime :Freelance correspondent, Fredric Dannen, has taken great personal risk to investigate the Triads, and their shocking relationship to the Chinese Communist Party. 
  • Acupunture
  • Chinatown: San Francisco Chinatown - The largest chinatown outside of Asia.

    I will repay

  • Leprosy : the Disease and its Treatment
  • Organ donations: Transplants and Donations:
  • Emperor Nero of Rome
  • The historical Charlemagne:
  • Genghis Khan: scourge of Asia:

    Dead Air

  • What is Psychiatry?:
  • Greek Myths; Oedipus:
  • Oedipus


  • Puccini: A short bio
  • Puccini :Honoring the most-beloved Operatic Composer
  • Opera- Classical Insites :Opera Resources on the World Wide Web
  • The incomplete history of Polkas
  • People in Jazz: Charlie Parker
  • Charlie Parker : A Tribute to Charlie Parker
  • The Beatles Beatles information on the Net

    Dead Issue

  • Hieronymus BoschThis site contains paintings of Master Painter Bosch
  • Paintings of Bosch
  • Hieronymus Bosch this site contains a Bio and more paintings by Bosch
  • Medieval Poisons

    Father Figure

  • The London Blitz, 1940:The Battle for Britain
  • Battle of Britain
  • World War II

    Spin Doctor

  • Literature and Culture of the American 1950's.
  • McCarthism and the Red Scare of the 1950S
  • The Cold War At Home: Joseph McCarthy and Anti-Communism
  • Joseph McCarthy
  • Joseph McCarthy

    Dying for Fame

  • Nietzche and Nihilism
  • Nothing you ever wanted to know about Nihilism (And couldn't be bothered to ask.)
  • Woodstock and related links
  • Greatful Dead : The official homepage of the Greatful Dead
  • A History of Music Videos

    Only the lonely

  • Dating Service information
  • Ozone depletion
  • Porphyria: severe allergy to sunlight
  • Porphyria, the unknown disease
  • DNA profiling

    Unreality TV

  • Civil War Resources on the Internet
  • Medicine in the American Civil War
  • Civil War Medical Vocabulary
  • Civil War photographs
  • Index to US Civil War information on the Internet

    Feeding the Beast

  • What is addiction
  • Narcotics Anonymous: basic help information
  • How the 12 step program works

  • If looks could kill

  • To be or not to be beautiful
  • Fantasies A story of love and the universal obsession with beauty
  • Calgary Stampede
  • Hypnosis FAQs
  • The truth about hypnotism.
  • Hypnosis -- Your Questions Answered

  • Fatal Mistake

  • The Restoration
  • 18th Century Studies
  • Charles II
  • Charles II : Link is to Questia-the world's largest online library. There are several resources found here.


  • The Berlin Wall
  • The Division and Unification of Germany
  • Opinion; Hard to Remember Life in East Berlin behind the Wall.

    Love You to Death

  • History of the Nutcracker Suite
  • Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker- Archival Photos
  • Paris Opera Ballet
  • Ballet Companies, Famous Ballets, Choreographers, Ballet Dancers



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