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My fan fiction

©NiteRose 1998-2006

Thunderstorm fantasy

Rosemary Beard ©1997

Your car breaks down on a deserted road during a violent storm. In the distance, you see an old Victorian mansion. You go to the house in search of a phone to call for help.
After getting no answer to your frantic knocking, you discover the door is unlocked and cautiously enter the house. It looks deserted. All the furniture is covered and there is a thick coating of dust everywhere.
Exploring the house, you discover a bedroom and decide to wait out the storm here. Getting out of your wet clothes, you climb into the bed, dressed only in your birthday suit. A movement in the shadows catches your eye. Lightning flashes and you see Lucien standing in the corner, smiling.
Moving slowly toward you, he begins unbuttoning his shirt as he whispers,
"Fear not, my precious. I'll keep you safe from the storm."



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